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Clothing, Education, and Experiences for the Aquatic Explorer

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to learn more about Aquanauts Freediving! My name is Rachel, and I started this company with a sincere interest in catering to those who seek an adventurous lifestyle involving the underwater world! As a sailor, freediver, scuba diver, and mermaid performer, it has been my goal to use my knowledge in these areas to provide education and experiences that get people into the ocean in a safe and responsible manner. Those who spend time in the ocean are often the ones who are most motivated to cherish and take care of it. I welcome partnerships with artists, photographers, dive operators, and ocean conservation groups. Please feel free to message me for questions or collaborations!

Rachel Novak in Aquanauts Freediving Leggings


Aquanauts Clothing is a comfortable yet functional clothing line for active ocean lovers. Our complete yoga sets can be used during your favorite workout or as a coral-friendly protective layer against sunburns and jellyfish!

We are a brand that aims to make our world a better place. Our products are made when you order them in order to reduce waste from clothing production, and we are working to reduce plastic waste in our packaging. Your support of our brand enables us to organize beach and dive site cleanups during our courses and events.

Rachel Novak Freediving in the Red Sea


The ocean is a beautiful world with unique creatures and fantastic sights! Learn freediving skills to round out your stunt performance or mermaiding resume, or learn how to freedive so you can be safely equipped to enjoy the ocean on your next vacation! We regularly organize beach and dive site cleanups after dive sessions, and our courses include steps you can take to keep our oceans healthy.

Rachel Novak as a Professional Mermaid


If you are looking to add some ocean-themed excitement to your next event, look no further! Our performers are licensed divers and insured mermaid performance artist available for tank shows, pool parties, dry model mermaid performances, and fire dancing! Ask about virtual birthday cards, children's parties, dive conventions, festivals, and more. Our performance team works carefully with clients to provide personalized performance packages that cater to all kinds of events! Mermaid educators are also available to give educational presentations to audiences of all ages in both mermaid and human form.

Rachel Novak underwater modeling with Stephan Torreau


Rachel is an SSI Level 2 freediving instructor and mermaid instructor, a divemaster, and a mermaid performance artist. As an avid sailor and freediver, she actively tries to bring awareness to ocean conservation issues through her work. Rachel is a YouTube content creator and regularly shares her experiences under the sea with her viewers online. 

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