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Miss Mermaid Nevada, Freediving & Mermaid Instructor, Stunt Performer, Mermaid Performance Artist, Content Creator

Rachel Novak is a freediving instructor, mermaid instructor, and mermaid performance artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was recently featured as a stunt performer on Marvel's Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever, where she used her diving skills to perform underwater stunts. Rachel is the owner and content creator for The Sailing Siren on YouTube, a freediving and travel vlog that highlights the freediving communities in unique freediving destinations around the world. She owns and manages the brand Aquanauts Freediving, which includes an athleisure clothing line for merfolk and freedivers, freediving and mermaid courses, and customized mermaid and underwater performance acts for private parties, children's parties, corporate events, and trade shows. Rachel is a passionate advocate for ocean conservation and believes that those who care most about our oceans are those who spend time in them. She is dedicated to helping others learn how to safely explore the oceans and make a positive impact.

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Rachel has documented her freediving journey from her SSI Level 1 Course all the way through becoming an SSI level 2 freediving and mermaid instructor, as well as her experiences with freediving-related travel to unique destinations. She is passionate about getting others into freediving and mermaiding. Feel free to message her if you want to take a course!

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