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Aquanaut (noun): Someone who swims or dives. An underwater explorer. 

Welcome to Aquanauts Freediving


About Aquanauts Freediving

We welcome freedivers - those that explore the watery world around us on one breath. We also welcome our mermaids and mermen - those that use their creative minds to express themselves and their love for the ocean and other bodies of water. If you're looking to learn essential freediving safety skills or become more graceful when playing underwater, feel free to join one of our upcoming courses!

Freediver and Mermaid

Explore Freediving Courses and Sessions


Explore Mermaid Courses and Experiences

  • Introductory mermaid course

    1 hr 30 min

    125 US dollars
  • Become a mermaid in real life!

    4 hr

    450 US dollars
  • Learn underwater modeling skills

    2 hr

    250 US dollars
  • Group mermaid courses and parties

    4 hr

    Please inquire

Professional Mermaid Entertainment

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