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Services : Freediving Courses, Mermaid Courses, & Professional Mermaid Entertainment

NOTE: We will begin offering freediving and mermaid courses for the season starting in April 2024. Please check back in March to register and reserve your spot!

If you have questions about which course to sign up for or what type of mermaid entertainment would be best for your event, please feel free to reach out to us and we'd be happy to assist you!

  • Freediving CoursesIf you're not sure which freediving course is right for you, please tell us about your current swimming, snorkeling, or diving experience (if applicable) and what your goals are (examples: spearfishing, fun diving, safety, performance, competitions).

  • Mermaid Courses: If you're not sure which mermaid course is right for you, please tell us about your current mermaiding background (newbie, hobbyist, performer) along with any relevant dive experience you have.

  • Mermaid Entertainment: We do not have any prices for mermaid entertainment on our site as we work hard to customize performances to your particular event. Please feel free to tell us about your event (location, number of guests, particular themes, age range of guests, and any special requests).

Freediving Courses & Private Sessions

Mermaid Courses & Private Lessons

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