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Learn to Freedive

We offer several course options to help you start your freediving journey. Whether you are new to the world of diving or have plenty of experience under your dive belt, we can give you the knowledge and skills to be a safer and more knowledgeable freediver. If you are new to Las Vegas and looking to find freedivers near you, feel free to message us about upcoming events, training sessions, and meet-ups!

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What is Freediving?

Taking a freediving course is not just about increasing your breath hold or diving deeper. It is a way to explore the world around you, learn life-changing stress management techniques, and join a community of athletes, artists, and explorers united around a passion for diving using just one breath. People get into freediving for many reasons, including health and fitness, outdoor recreation, competitions, and underwater photography. Join a worldwide network of freedivers and see unique dive sites around the world, from the shipwrecks and ocean life of the South Pacific, to the cenotes of Mexico, to the alpine lakes and kelp forests of the United States!

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